Do you know an individual spend almost SIX months of their life queuing?

Be Smart! Beat the queues.

QueueOne is next generation waiting room platform, where one can save time by joining a virtual queue, and avail a service without waiting for it.
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How Does Virtual Queuing Works!

add queue

Vendor Creates a Virtual queue on QueueOne


User search for queue(s) of service they need


List of all vendors providing virtual queue for this services are shown


User selects Partner (based on rating, distance, avg time taken etc)

User joins the queue

User joins the queue


Continues to do whatever they want.


Platform informs user when their turn to avail the service approaches.

Where all this solution is applicable ?

Amusement Parks, Museums, Monuments, Adventure sports...
Hospitals, Clinics, Labs / Test centers...
Restaurants,Fast Food Joints,Pubs & Bars,Night Clubs
Events & ConcertsEvents & Concerts
Events & Concerts
Live shows, Talent Hunts, Concerts...
Schools, Colleges, Kindergarten...
Service IndustryService Industry
Service Industry
Banking, Salons, Spas, Vehicle servicing, ...

Enjoy the VIP spot in the queue


Be Smart! Save Big.

If time is money, this is you best saving scheme. Be smart, let technology eliminate your waiting woes. Avail service of your choice much faster, and enjoy the time you saved with your loved ones.

Find all what you need, right here!

A new way to search businesses & services, and here once can avail these service too. We have gone extra mile to provide live data to provide a peek view of ongoing queue, so that one can be well informed about the time it will take to get what they want.


Way beyond queuing, you deserve more.

Timely information is priceless. Know well in time about the services / promotions / offers and make best use of it. In addition, make use of position swap, communication channel to make your queuing experience better.

Increase Business Conversion

Know customer needs ahead of time, severe them better.

Understand your customer needs before they reach you. Be well prepared to delight them. Let business analytics provide you right information needed to deliver faster services.

Serve Customer

New ways to Up and Cross Sell

Indulge in conversation with your customer while they are in virtual queue. Queue notifications are excellent way for promotion, and announcing new products / services. Engaged customer (already in queue) are more likely to buy via these new age up & cross selling.

Increase Business Conversion

More visibility, more chances of getting new customers. An individual coming to platform to avail medical service, see options for Salon / Spa (and many others !). As same time saving and convenience applies elsewhere too, they are more likely to avail other services via this platform. So if you are a business and looking to growth, go digital on our platform & open new avenues!

Increase Business Conversion